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Think Palm oil: A fun filled event.

Started new year with an amazing event of Malaysian Palm Oil, organised by Priyanka at Kbobs on 2nd Jan 2018. All the top bloggers from the city were present which made the event very interactive and fun. The event started with an very informative session about Malaysian Palm Oil. We came to know how Palm oil is derived from the fleshof the fruit of the oil … Continue reading Think Palm oil: A fun filled event.

World’s Largest Potluck Party 

The Cake Baby

The world’s largest potluck party was held on 12th June 2016 which was hosted by FiA(Foodaholics in Ahmedabad). Potluck party is in which everybody brings one dish to share, and you end up with a feast.

I came to know about it after the passes were sold out but being the foodie I am I desperately wanted to attend it so I somehow managed to get two passes and attended it with my mom.

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