Summer getaway at Palm Greens

Summer times are for relaxed weekend getaway with friends and family. Spending time in pool or enjoying spa. Playing sports or just relaxing in rooms. Palm Greens club offer it all. Recently I had a first hand experience of the amazing services they offer.
On the 13th noon we checked in our Log house. Our rooms were located in between nature. Rooms were extremely spacious. Just in front of our rooms, there was big garden which gave the perfect view. After check in we relaxed in the rooms and were welcomed with mocktails and snacks. Later in the evening we all went for swimming. Swimming pool is pretty big, there is also water park for kids and a beach themed pool. We enjoyed in pool till late evening. Just what you need in summer.
When the hunger strikes after long hours of swimming, pamper yourself with delisious food. During our two days stay, we had our 1 breakfast 2 lunch and 1 dinner. The food is amazing. They bake their own break and muffins. No food colour is used in any products. Do not miss muffins & masala dosa in breakfast and noodles in dinner. The service staff in the restaurant and in the club are helpful and friendly.
Later that night we played in the open ground in front of our rooms, shared some horror stories, went for a walk late in the night and had great fun. Next day while some of us were clicking pictures, others were having fun in indoor sports activities.
Let me tell you the place is guarded by the security 24/7 with two huge dogs. It’s completely safe. I visited this place with my 11 college friends and we all had a great time in here. Can’t wait to visit again.
Room details:
For 12 people we booked 4 rooms. 2 were big enough to accommodate 4 persons each  with 2 big beds and were spacious. Other 2 rooms accommodated 2 persons each. Also the bathrooms were big with bathtub.
For booking and rates:

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