Turquoise Villa

Turquoise Villa is known for its ambience and it stands true to it. When you need a place to hangout with your buddies on a lazy day this is the place to go to. Having been to turquoise villa for quite a few times  here is my summed up review.

Food: 3/5

-Vada pav slider
This is my personal favourite. The vada pav slider consists of two small vada pavs with two different types of chutney and french fries. The vada pav is filled with vada, onion and chilli. Apply both the chutneys in the vada pav, instead of dipping from it.
-Mexican slider and Veggie Slider
Mexican slider consist of two small mexican burger served with nachos and salsa dip.
Veggie slider consist of two small vegetable burger and french fries with dips.
Mexican burger is spicy and juicy whereas fresh veggie is your normal kind of burger.
Mexican Slider
-Pav bhaji fondue
It is the Turquoise Villa special pav bhaji fondue but there is nothing ‘special’ about it. It is like regular pav bhaji served in a fondue form. Other than that there is no difference. There are few other places where you can get better Pav bhaji fondue. (Serves 3-5)
-Cheese jalapeño fondue
Liquid cheese with tiny pieces of jalapeños served with bread pieces. A perfect sweet and sour taste. The texture is just perfect. Even if you eat it without bread it tastes so creamy that you can’t have enough of it. (Serves 3-5)
-Arrabiata pasta
The arrabiata pasta is served with two small garlic breads. The pasta was little bit dry but tasted decent. Again there are few places which serves better arrabiata pasta.
-Potato wedges
Potato wedges were a disappointment. Just the thicker version of french fries. Less quantity. No taste.
-Falafel balls with hummus
Again a disappointment. The falafel balls were dry as well as the hummus. Had to order ketchup.
-Margherita pizza
Thin crust pizza with balanced sauce and cheese. Each piece had tomato and basil which was impressive (though I don’t like tomatoes). Pizza was crisp and tasty.
-Kit kat shake
Being a person who don’t enjoy shakes much, the kit kat shake was a delight. It was chocolatey with whipped cream garnished with chocolate and kit kat.

Ambience: 4/5


The ambience have this really nice cozy vibe. The yellow lighting and wooden furnishing gives it a really classy and pleasant look. It is advisable to go after dark or late in the night(it is open till 1) to enjoy it. Always a good place to catch up with an old friend.

Service: 3/5

It is a short staff place which is ok when there are few tables occupied. Other than that it might take a while for them to serve.


Vada pav slider, cheese jalapeño fondue and kit kat shake.
For groups: Slider sampler. 3 slider of your choice in 295/-. This is a great deal for groups where the average slider is of 150/-.
Vada pav slider


The majority of the food is decent in taste though less in quantity. It have a cozy and silent atmosphere (at night specially) which is very relaxing. A nice to place to catch up with an old friend.
Share your views on this review and Turquoise Villa in the comments below. 🙂

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